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Awesome camping trip!

Yesterday I got home from the camping trip and I have been working on these pictures ever since. There's so many of them and there's even more than this.

Yeah! Puttin' the duck in the bucket!

Emo Sam!

Andy putting his pants on

Pat walking on the beach

I have no idea which one of us this is, but this picture rocks.

Awesome picture of Kacey!

I like this one too

So aFUCKINGdorable! :-D

Rissa's hickeys. hahaha

Andy looking drunk.

Another cute Patrick and Kacey picture

That water was cold!

Weird picture but it's kinda cool.

Cool picture of Kacey

Mmmm dinner time!

Sam and Pat puttin' the duck in the bucket!

Pat got sweet revenge on Rissa

Haha Kacey!

We were talking about writing "insert cock here" on this picture.

Best picture of Kacey ever! hehe

Bathing at the pump. It was cold and painful but funny at the same time.

Andy and his sexy self

Stupid picture of me. yay

A very photogenic Andy


I kept these ones bigger so they can be used as backgrounds and what not. Plus it's easier to see how pretty everything is when they're bigger.

I love this one, it's gorgeous!

A pretty little stream

Kinda blurry, but whatever

Looking up the stream

Hope you guys enjoy them, sorry there's so many.
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